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You are the headmaster in this school in the caves? How many students do you have? I have 7000 students here. How many teachers do you have? I have 15 teachers What do you do when the Antonov Bomber comes? We run and hide in the caves.

A student, Ahmad Ali Abdurrahman. I am from the Koalib tribe. We are here to learn but the conditions are not helping us in our learning. We have to walk 5 kilometers to fetch water for our teachers, we have no clean water source and no borehole, We don't have pencils, no books, no rubbers and no exercise books, and many young children travel from very far because there are not enough schools”.

When the airplane comes to bomb us he continues, many of the students get injured as they try to escape the bombing. When they get injured, we don't have hospitals to treat the injured and so some of them don’t make it because of the severity of their injuries. We need to be treated like human beings, the government of Al Bashir doesn’t think so, they call us names, they call us animals, insects. We are people and deserve to be treated like one. Omer Al Bashir wants to clean the Sudan of the Nuba People so he can have the Sudan, and this we will never accept. This is our land, and we must die for our land.

We are keeping ourselves in the caves because of the aeroplanes. When they start bombing us, we can run to safety. We just need this bombing to stop so we can focus on our learning. To get more teachers and build our land and community. The first challenge which we are facing from the morning until 2pm, we have nothing to eat, or drink says a schoolteacher. There is no water, secondly, we are facing a constant bombing campaign. We have to hide in the caves, and even in the caves there are snakes. My message to the international community is that we need your support.

To give up because of the war that we will never do. But we need your intervention, we need your advocacy. Reporters showcase artwork created by children around the world for comparison. The difference is astounding, Children in the western world drew their favorite Superheroes roman chariots, horse riders and a vibrant culture and life. Almost 100% of the children in the video taken from the Nuba Mountains drew bomber airplanes destroying their houses, schools,and land. Such is the impact of the way on the community.


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Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that end up chaning the world.


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