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Just three days ago Buram was bombed. That day 4 jets dropped 8 bombs and 8 Antonov bombers dropped 13 bombs on this country. You had Antonov’s, Migs and Helicopter Gunships. In addition, you also had rockets colloquially known as Weishi, these were all used to taunt and destroy Buram county.

Each of these fighter jets dropped 2-barrel bombs as you can see. They dropped these bombs and injured 7 ladies. This lady Layla says “it just came from nowhere and surprised us. You have small, big and very big. Some of the bombs are very devastating and the shrapnel can travel 45 meters.

These bombs create very large and deep craters in the ground, the radius is approx. 45 meters. Actually, these bombardments happen in civilian areas because there never used to soldiers and armed forces residing here. All the soldiers are at the front lines. The Antonov came at 2:30 and bombed my house, it also killed two sheep and one calf.

Everything I own is gone, burned down. What can I say to Omer Al Bashir? I understand his desire to stay in power, but he is using weapons against his own civilians, which I find unacceptable.


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Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that end up chaning the world.


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