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This mother lost 6 children in a bombing and she's one of many people we spoke to in the Nuba mountains in Southern Kordofan where the Sudanese government has been fighting an Insurgency war against armed opposition for the last 4 years. One of the Sudanese government tactics in the rebel control parts of Nuba mountains is using Antonov cargo planes or fighter jets to drop bombs on civilian populations causing mass destruction of houses, clinics, hospitals, schools and we met people whose homes had just been destroyed that day by aerial bombardment by the Sudanese government.

This destruction of my house happened this morning as I was going to the farm and everything I had has been destroyed completely. There was no sign of any rebel presence on the ground so there appears to be no justification for the bombing. With the area receiving a lot of deaths of kids from the bombings, we're also seeing serious injuries including maiming’s. The Sudanese government isn't allowing aid. The result is that people have no food, no health care, no education and it's the children who really bear the full brunt of all this by not getting immunized and not getting proper schooling. We transferred here from our permanent school this one built using perishable materials says a teacher, and we just hide the kids here, and when the bomber comes, they can run to the caves and hide.

It's been 4 years since the Sudanese government has gotten away with this bombing campaign that completely violates international humanitarian law. The United Nations has threatened sanctions for abuses committed by both sides of the conflict, but they never followed through. It's time that the UN and the African Union and the member states hold those responsible for the ongoing abuses in the indiscriminate bombing to account.


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