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Fighting continues in the Nuba Mountains 5 years after war erupted in this remote Sudanese Border region. Rebel forces are still battling government troops, with civilians being caught in the middle. Fire, fire hold on! Shouts a soldier in the background. These images were captured during a rare embed with the SPLM-N Rebel forces during a recent offensive by the Sudanese army and allied militias. Heavy artillery and shelling continues on multiple fronts. The rebels have so repelled most of the advances of the government forces.

Thousands of civilians have been displaced, adding to the nearly 400,000 who have already been displaced from their homes over the last 5 years. A lady speaks. “What do we want? With this ongoing war, life is extremely difficult to survive. From this war, we are exhausted. There is nothing left here, no water, no food. There is nothing here. The children are tired, no medical care even” Before the Rains arrive in June and the roads become impassable, the government is expected to send in reinforcements or a major push into rebel territory.

In the meantime, bombs continue to rain on the civilian population, and rebels alike.


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