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25 years ago this country was on fire. Almost no one knew what has happening in Sudan, so the Fire of Genocide spread. It burned for more than 15 years and 2 million people died in the flames but out of those ashes came hope. After watching their parents die trying to protect them they walked for years through dangers we can’t imagine.

They were hunted by soldiers, lions and crocodiles wanted to eat them alive, and when there was no water to drink, they drank their own urine to survive to stay alive. To this day no one knows how many of them (Nuba Children) were killed but out of the fire more than 20,000 children escaped.

The story of the Lost Boys of Sudan shocked the world and raised an important question, what do you do with tens of thousands of War orphans who have no home. With fewer options available, thousands were brought to the United States to start over.

Many went to school and found jobs, they found a new life and when the war ended some of them returned home to help rebuild their country. This is the story many people know about Sudan. Children survived the worst humanity has to offer and made a future for themselves against all odds. What if their story was only the first chapter? What if the next chapter is being written right now?

My name is Jargi Joseph Aloga, it was not my intention that I have to leave my motherland but due to war pressure, I decided to leave the land. I need to engage in a lot of things, participate and be educated. We were nowhere near the military barracks, and we were wondering why they (The government) were bombing us. Jargi’s story is not one from the past, it is unfolding right now.


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